Organic and Bird-Friendly

Maple sugarbushes are inherently good for birds . . .

and sugarbushes managed to organic standards are even better . . .

but sugarbushes intentionally managed with birds in mind are the best!

Our syrup has been Certified Organic through the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) since 2004, and we are participating producers in the Vermont Bird-Friendly Maple Project.


Maple syrup production is covered by the Wild Crop Harvesting Standard which states that a wild crop must be harvested in a manner that ensures that such harvesting or gathering will not be destructive to the environment and will sustain the growth and production of the wild crop. We choose to follow these Organic Standards as part of our commitment to being good stewards of our land and to ensure that a harvest of maple syrup from our trees will continue to grace tables for generations.

Certified Organic maple syrup production is defined by:

  • Cultural practices designed to maintain tree health and ensure long term preservation of the sugar bush as an ecosystem; and
  • The prohibition of synthetic materials added unless included on the National List of Allowed Substances

Each year our sugarhouse, sugar bush, and production records are inspected for compliance with these standards and we maintain a current forest management plan.

Bird Friendly

While we love maple trees, we manage our forest for a diversity of plant, animal and bird life.  Biologically and structurally diverse sugarbushes offer great places for birds to forage, find cover, and raise their young. They are also likely to have better long-term sap production, fewer forest health problems, and be better able to adapt to the stresses of climate change.