Certified Organic, Songbird-Friendly Maple Syrup
from Cabot Vermont!

Our family makes Certified Organic Maple Syrup in Cabot, Vermont, on land that has produced pure maple syrup for over one hundred years. With about 100 acres of maple trees currently in production, we keep ourselves busy with the hard work that making high quality organic maple syrup requires — we make our syrup from start to finish right here, harvesting sap from our hillside in the spring and boiling it down to syrup in our sugarhouse (designed by dad). For us, maple syrup has become more of a lifestyle than a product and we are happy to bring this taste of Vermont from our family to yours.

In addition to making a quality organic product, we commit ourselves to caring for the land from which it comes—we manage our land to promote a variety of forest types and to sustain a diverse community of wildlife. This stewardship is part of the Vermont tradition, and through it we hope this property will remain a productive sugarbush and ecosystem for generations to come.

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From our family to yours– enjoy!